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Negotiation and dispute resolution services

Leave nothing to chance: preventing is better than curing,

and better late than never.

Negotiation is to human interactions what mathematics is to science: its language. MWF offers a comprehensive range of services for resolving both personal and professional disputes, and for handling commercial and social (HR) negotiations. To support you, I rely on the best existing practices, with a focus on emotional and organizational process management during the negotiation process. I can coach you, your team, help devise a negotiation strategy, or act as a facilitator between you and the other party. My role? To guide you towards an effective conflict resolution and a negotiated deal with added value, allowing you to stop wasting time, money, and energy.

Why choose MWF?

Anticipate and prevent conflicts before they escalate or manage them gracefully when they arise. Through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods, we directly address the emotional core of disputes—which accounts for 55% of conflicts. We also place crucial importance on creating a tailored discussion process, essential in 37% of cases to resolve disputes or successfully conclude an agreement. As for the substance of the dispute? It influences the outcome of the conflict by only 8%.


"If you aim to prove you're right, you'll often succeed; but you'll rarely get what you originally wanted."

— Stuart Diamond, negotiation professor at Harvard and Wharton, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of the bestseller Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life.


*Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life. Diamond, Stuart, 2012, Three Rivers Press.

Should you choose me or an AI trainer?

Good news! You can do both.

In this age, Artificial Intelligence does a great job at providing negotiation strategy and tips. And you should try it! (Really!).

However, becoming a good negotiator and successfully implementing negotiation advice requires more than a strategy. You must learn to decipher the other party's non-verbal language. You must put the advice into practice. And you cannot do that without a real human being helping you along.

If you use AI to help you negotiate, great! You've already started your journey to solving your problem or negotiating your deal. 

Yet nothing replaces real-life practice with a professional who is invested in your success.

My Clients Say

Client Arnaud Roger
"Lorenzo helped me to better handle any type of negotiation in my professional life in the banking industry. I have now a new approach on my meetings and how I can interact with people to get the work done. These news skills are also a great asset in my personal life."

Arnaud Roger

IT Business analyst & Trading operations

Total Energies

"If your goal is to be right, you'll be right more often than you'll get what you want."

Stuart Diamond, Getting More, 
(p. 34). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition. (Rephrased)

Lorenzo Colombani
Lien LinkedIn

As a professional negotiator and court-appointed mediator, my background in law has equipped me with a unique perspective: the most valuable outcomes arise from collaborative engagement, not perpetual conflict.


Whether your goal is to preempt disputes, resolve existing ones, or secure advantageous agreements in negotiations with individuals or businesses, I am committed to empowering you to succeed.

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